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Do you want to get effective and quick results from your fitness workout while keeping it easy and safe?

Are you looking for the best way to restart your exercise program after a break or an injury?

Or are you interested in complementing your training routine with a new activity?

Aquafitness is an easy, efficient and enjoyable way to get fit.

Anyone can do it and reap the benefits, beginners through high performance athletes.

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Who benefits from aquafitness?

  • Everyone who tries it!
  • All ages – young adults through senior people
  • Males and females
  • Athletes and beginners
  • People with back or knee pain
  • Rehabilitation patients, e.g.: accident recovery, sport injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc...
  • Weight, strength and mobility challenged people
  • Pre- and postnatal women

More information

Aquafitness is chosen by many professionals from different sectors: fitness centers, hotels and resorts, spa and wellness centers, rehabilitation centers, football clubs for professional athletes and for post-recovery / post-traumatic programs under the supervision of medical professionals.

12 reasons to exercise in the water

Strength building

The continuous resistance and pressure provided by water acts very effectively on the immersed body and tones all muscle groups solicited during the session

  • You can control the amount of resistance by adjusting speed and surface area
  • Speed – The faster you move in the water, the more resistance you will feel.
  • Surface area – The larger the surface area you move through the water (for example, a straight leg vs. a bent leg or cupping your hands), the more resistance you will feel.
Cardio training
  • With the aid of the water resistance which increases the intensity (a key feature in aerobic exercise) aquafitness is a great way to build up cardio endurance.
Weight loss & body sculpting
  • Thanks to the progressive resistance of water, you can reach high calorie consumption level in less time that on land-based equipment.
  • One can estimate that combining upper and lower body movements in the pool burns approximately 400 to 500 calories in a one-hour class and up to 800 calories in an aquaspinning class.
  • It takes the elimination of 3600 calories to burn off a pound of body fat. A minimum three to four times per week pool workout is recommended, so a mere three to four weeks will result in measurable weight loss.
Low impact on joints and back
  • The buoyancy and the resulting sensation of weightlessness in the water is perfect for people with muscular or joints problems, or on overweight.
  • The deeper you are in the water, the greater the amount of your body weight that is supported. In general, the water will support:
  • * 50% of your body weight when you are submerged up to your waist
  • * 65-75% of your body weight when you are submerged up to your waist
  • * 90% of your body weight when you are submerged up to your neck
No risk of injury, no muscle ache
  • The buoyancy also helps you perform movements with ease, the exercise becomes enjoyable and you perform longer. The spine is relieved, whilst falls and sudden movements are prevented. This makes aquafitness highly suitable for rehabilitation and gentle muscle building after injury, for those with spinal disk as well as during pregnancy.
Improves circulation
  • The hydrostatic pressure in water is 800 times higher than on land. This natural soft massage in conjunction with aquatic exercises significantly improves the venous return (the flow of blood back to the heart) and lymphatic circulation. This allows to act effectively against the development of varicose veins, cellulite and the syndrome of tired legs.
  • This massage also accelerates the elimination of the toxins from the muscles. The lactic acid, responsible for the feeling of fatigue, is immediately eliminated in the bloodstream. You don’t feel muscle aches the following days.

Reduces cellulite & water retention
  • Cellulite is a cluster of cells containing fat and water imprisoned in a fibrous network with an unsightly orange-peel look. It is resistant to diets and traditional physical activity.
  • The results obtained by aquafitness come from a combination of 3 factors:

1. massage from the eddies generated by pedaling and other movements, which breaks down the orange-peel structure

2. drainage due to the hydrostatic pressure, which mobilizes the fat and eliminates it in the circulation

3. exertion, which burns fats

Enhances flexibility
  • Your flexibility can also be enhanced through regular water workouts. The lower gravity inside the water will enable you to stretch through a more complete range of motion. Aches and tight muscles that typically prevent you from completing certain stretches will be less of a factor in the pool.
Exercise in a refreshing environment
  • In water, you do not feel the thermal stress due to the heat generated by the body during exercise.
  • By sweating in the water, you refresh better and regulate the temperature, making it easier to exercise
  • Warm water (26-31 degrees C) is relaxing and stimulating, the heart rate slows down by 10% and rests.
Suitable to all fitness levels
  • Aquafitness is open to all condition levels and doesn’t require swim experience.
  • It is equally exciting for both high performance athletes and beginners. The resistance on the equipment like aquabike can be set individually. If you also involve your arms you can strengthen the muscles of your belly, back and upper body at the same time.
    • Aquafitness can help improve your performance in high-impact activities, including running, dance, or team sports such as soccer or softball. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, you’ll be strengthening your muscles and improving your cardiovascular fitness without subjecting your body to additional wear and tear—leaving you feeling strong and refreshed when it’s time to give your all.
    • Aquafitness is also fantastic for people restarting an exercise program or recovering from injuries— it allows you to strengthen your muscles without stressing vulnerable joints.
Time and cost efficient
  • Experts say it is a high-quality exercise. In just 30/45 minutes, you can achieve a high-performance workout, burn a significant amount of calories with a minimum joint impact. The continued resistance of water reduces the session time compared with land-based activities.
  • You don’t need specific gear, just your swimsuit. Group sessions or private tuition are priced a similar way as most other fitness options. 
Fun & motivating
  • Training in a group session to the rhythm of music is fun and motivating. Thermoregulation is perfect in the water, you don’t sweat and almost don’t feel you are working out seriously.
    • Unlike traditional group classes such as aerobics or dance, aquafitness is non-competitive. Each participant is able to work at his or her own intensity unlike land sessions where you feel it is necessary to keep up with the instructor or your class neighbour.
      • An increasing variety of specialized classes can be organized like aquarunning, aquaspinning or aquaboxing to name a few.

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