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AquaFit is specialized in aquafitness and proposes 2 types of services in Vietnam:

We organize custom-designed aquafitness classes

What is special about aquafitness is that it is equally exciting for both high performance athletes and beginners. The resistance can be set individually and gradually. With a large choice in class styles and locations, premium equipment and highly trained instructors, aquaFit can provide effective workout options to match any training routine.

Group or one-to-one sessions are on offer to suit all preferences and schedules.

We also support our commercial clients with training programs for fitness instructors at gyms and fitness centers to guarantee a correct use of our products and the success of the activity.

The training is in continuous evolution bringing new programs and trends like aquabiking, aquarunning, aquaboxing, aquapilates, etc… to the great satisfaction of aquafitness fans.

What does a class look like?

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We commercialize premium aquafitness equipment produced in Europe

We service both individual and commercial clients such as hotels, resorts, spas and fitness centers.

We only select premium brands focusing on the quality, the design and the reliability, and propose 2 lines of products: the professional line for intense use and the home line for regular use.

We also only choose equipment made of stainless steel grade 316 – marine quality, which offers better overall corrosion-resistance properties than grade 304, particularly in chlorine environments.

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We are focusing on servicing Ho Chi Minh City’s market first. We will then expand our services to other cities and resort destinations across Vietnam.

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